Practice Areas

Employment Law

Ocala and The Villages' employment and business attorney Danialle Riggins has substantial  experience representing employers and employees in workplace disputes.  She also serves as an adjunct college professor teaching employment law  and business ethics, among other subjects. Her in-depth understanding of  both plaintiffs' and defendants' rights, legal options and viable strategies will be a critical asset for you as you decide whether and  how to proceed.

Whereas a larger law firm may assign your small  business's needs to an associate with limited experience, working with  us means that you will work closely and directly with Ms. Riggins.

  • Knowledge and  litigation experience across a broad spectrum of employment law issues,  including unpaid overtime and improper pay claims under the Fair Labor  Standards Act (FLSA), all forms of workplace discrimination, Family and  Medical Leave Act (FMLA), sexual harassment and whistleblower  protections.
  • Comprehensive legal  advisory services for businesses that want to establish sound employment  practices, comply with all applicable laws, take advantage of  exemptions if possible and avoid costly litigation sound, clear guidance  on how relevant laws may apply to your unique circumstances as an  employer who must confront a complaint or lawsuit, or as an employee who  believes your employer is acting illegally

Human Resource Assistance/Counsel

 In many cases, a business owner works with attorney Riggins to resolve a  looming problem and finds that she can provide invaluable employee  training, handbooks and compliance counsel as well as strength in any  administrative hearing or trial. Our firm is also a go-to resource for  review and analysis of noncompete agreements and other employment  contracts. 

For more information for our services as a business consultant or our -small business retainer-- click here!

Prompt, Engaged Counsel Is Essential For Divorce Or Any Family Dispute


The  best step you can take, as soon as possible once you believe you have a  problem, is to talk through relevant laws, your rights and your options  with a lawyer you trust. Relying on friends or family members for  advice is simply too risky. Ocala family law attorney Danialle Riggins  will assess your unique circumstances and help you protect what matters  most to you.


Attorney Riggins is a spouse and mother  herself. She will take the time to understand both the practical and  emotional aspects of your case. Her trial experience is a standout  characteristic among family law attorneys, ideal for bringing  difference-making strategy to bear on tough negotiations and favorably  resolving the toughest disputes.

Many of our family law clients come to us  because Ms. Riggins has previously handled business and employment  matters successfully for them — and because high-asset divorce is  familiar territory for our legal team. We also welcome men and women who  are new to our firm and want balanced, action-oriented guidance.

We emphasize:


  • Developing an approach  to divorce or any other dispute that minimizes emotional conflict and  fallout for any children involved to the greatest possible extent

  • Thoroughly assessing points of conflict  — over children, child support, time-sharing, custody,paternity,spousal  support, property division and other issues — to identify potential  compromises for avoiding full-blown litigation

  • Advising each client  in full view of his or her key priorities, which may include achieving a  workable time-sharing arrangement with children and protecting business  interests or other high-value assets


Property Management Lawyer

Extensive experience on both the landlord and tenant's side of eviction disputes in invaluable, but it can be challenging to find among business and real estate lawyers.  Danialle Riggins is a dynamic negotiator and proven trial lawyer prepared to make a difference in your operating efficiency and your ability to focus on your cure operations.  We can assist on notices, lease drafting and enforcement(s), amendments  to litigation drafting.  We can handle your legal eviction from start to finish or only assist with a hearing or two.

We help you understand the difference between an eviction and an unlawful detainer and from an ejectment.



What do you do when there is people who are not  tenants lawfully living on your property and law enforcement cannot not  help.  If the people are claiming that they have rights or interest in  the real property but you know that is not correct or the whole picture,  ejectment is possibly your only solution.

Ejectment is your legal option when there is  not a note/mortgage in place and no landlord/tenant relationship ever  existed. Ejectment is civil ligation to remove non-tenants and  non-owners from a property.


Riggins Law Firm provides homeowners with a  rapid review of their case and an explanation of their potential  options. There are various possible foreclosure defenses, which can be  raised in court. In order to identify which foreclosure defenses are  appropriate in your specific case, we need to evaluate your case.  It is  never to early to speak with an attorney about your options but it can  be too late.